Why I Invested in the Infused7 Oils Kit (And I'm So Glad I Did!)

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First thing’s first: Do you Oola? ;)

That sounds like a type of workout routine or dance move or something… But it’s so much better than that.

Oola is a concept created by Dr. Troy (the Oola Guru) and Dr. Dave (the Oola Seeker). Oola comes from the word “Oo la la.” It is a state of awesomeness where you’re living a life of less stress and more balance, growing in the seven key areas of your life.

I like to describe my Oola as creating my own story of Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance.

I’ve written some about my own Oola journey in the “Purpose” section of my blog, but today I want to talk about how I’ve made the process sustainable for me.

I read Oola for Women back in December of 2017—almost one year ago. I absorbed the book at the process quickly and completely. I filled out my Oola wheel (in the “evaluate where you are now” stage), visualized by Level 10 life and set goals for achieving it, and began implementing the Oola path using notecards with my “skittles” and “oranges.”

I stuck with the Oola process for longer than I had stuck with anything in my life in the way of personal development. The Oola process made sense to me, and I liked the organizational aspect of it.

But then life got in the way, as it always does, and I stopped “Oola-ing.”

That is always my biggest issue: long-term follow-through. Like I told my Life Coach the other day, I’m the best at planning. My follow-through game SUCKS, though. It’s like I’m a master at the initial drive in golf, but my short game is the absolute worst. I can knock the ball onto the green on the first try, but I can’t get it to the hole with the putt. In the world of personal development, mini-golf would be my worst nightmare.

I needed sustainability…something I’ve been striving for my entire adult life.

And to be honest, I wasn’t really sure where to get it.

By the time the summer of 2018 rolled around, I had been with Young Living for one year. I had three of the Oola-inspired oils: Fitness, Finance, and Field.

I had purchased those oils individually. I didn’t really know how to use them, but they were three of my lowest areas on my Oola wheel, so I got the oils that Dr. Young had created for those three key areas of life that I knew needed work. They sat in my oils stash for a long time.

Then, I read The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. I picked up the strategies that would help me create an effective morning routine. And then more months passed and I didn’t really do anything to get back to Oola…

Then, I read Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis and I learned to identify my limiting beliefs and the lies I’ve told myself for years.

And then, after yet another month, I committed 30 days to habit formation.

So, finally, almost 11 months after I read Oola for Women and purchased the Oola oils, I began using them regularly.

Why I Invested in the Infused7 Oil Kit--and I'm so glad I did.jpg

I started by cultivating a morning routine using the SAVERS by Hal Elrod: Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing. I started journaling every day, exercising, reading, and meditating.

I didn’t really know where to start with my affirmations (the A in SAVERS), so I looked up the Oola affirmations. It took me a few days of reciting them off my phone before I memorized them, but they quickly became second nature to me.

I concentrated on each statement I was saying aloud every morning, and since I had the oils, I would open the Fitness, Finance, or Field bottle and inhale the oil before I said the affirmation for that area.

I needed something to use for the other four areas of life and affirmations, so I used Forgiveness blend for Family, the Gratitude blend for Faith, the Acceptance blend for Friends, and the Harmony blend for Fun.

After a week of daily affirmations with the Oola blends and others, I decided I wanted to purchase the Infused7 Kit in whole. Dr. Gary Young knew exactly what he was doing when he created the Oola blend oils. I knew that to be true for Fitness, Finance, and Field. And I wanted to experience his genius for the other four key areas of life as well.

I was right. When I received the Oola oils in the mail, I immediately opened the other 4 bottles: Family, Faith, Friends, and Fun. And each one smelled exactly how I thought it would smell…or how I though each of the other 4 areas of life would translate into an aromatherapy blend.

I love all of the Infused7 oils, and with the addition of Oola Grow and Oola Balance, I feel like I’m truly back on the path to pursuing my Oola Life with the addition of these oil blends in my daily routine.

So let’s talk about the Oola process and about how I use the Infused7 oils in my everyday routine to GREAT success:

There are three steps to the Oola Process: Evaluate, Plan, and Path.

Step 1: Evaluate

I recently redid my own Oola wheel in that first, Evaluate step of the process. It’s so important that I know where I am now so I know how far away or near I am to my Oola Life. Evaluating where I am now helps me decide where to put my focus for growth.

Go to OolaLife.com and fill out your own free Oola wheel. You’ll decide where you feel like you land in each of the seven key areas of life at this current moment. Identify which areas are the lowest and most out of balance with the other areas. There is where you’ll begin to identify your way forward.

I think it is important to complete the Evaluate step multiple times a year. Now that I have the Infused7 oils, I open the bottles and breathe them in as I’m evaluating each specific area of my life. Smelling the blends help me to be honest with where I am in each of the 7 key areas of life.

Why I Invested in the Infused7 Kit (And I'm so Glad I did).jpg

I’m careful here that being honest with myself doesn’t equate to being hard on myself for where I am—or, rather, where I’m not. When I filled out the wheel and realize I’m still only at a 2 out of 10 in Finance, I would have in the past been upset and blame myself for allowing my financial situation to get out of control in the first place. Then, with a heart of blame and disappointment, I would attempt to set a plan for getting my finances under control, but with my “scarcity” mindset, I would make poor decisions in my finances that would only make the situation worse.

I credit both the Infused7 oils and Rachel Hollis for helping me reframe my mindset about the areas of my life that rate out at the lowest. I can be honest with where I am now, so that I can make a plan for growing in those areas, but I don’t have to drown in self-loathing over it. It’s ok that I’m not perfect right now. It’s ok that I’ll never be perfect. It’s ok that I still have work to do.

I simply say, “Here’s where I’m at. Now let’s make stuff happen!”

Then I can move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Plan

This is the step where “planner-me” gets all giddy and excited. Step 2 is where I think about where I want to go in each of the 7 key areas of my life and make a plan for how to get there.

I absolutely LOVE what the Infused7 oil blends do for me in this step. As I’ve mentioned before, therapeutic grade oils contain frequencies. So I like to think of it as if the Family blend contains the frequency of a Level 10 Family life. When I breathe in the Family blend, then, my body is immediately elevated to that Level 10 Family Life feeling and I can visualize what that Level 10 looks like in my specific experience.

The oils help me dream, and they help those dreams appear attainable because of the way they inspire me to make a plan for growing into my Oola Life.

In this step, I like to first write down every single thing I can think of that describes my Level 10, my Oola life, in each key area of life. I get as specific as I can—even down to how it feels, tastes, smells, etc. to be living my Oola life in that area.

Then, I compare my answers to the questions from Step 1 to my Oola Life visualizations and evaluate what it will take to get from where I am now to where I’m planning to go. The Oola guys say to use a 21-7-1 progression with your Oola plan: Set 21 goals for your Oola life—3 for each area. Then, narrow your list down to 7 by deciding which 7 goals, if you achieved them, would help you take the biggest steps toward your Oola life. These 7 can be one from each area or they can be multiple goals in some areas and none in others. Then, pick your Oola 1: the one goal that if you achieved nothing else but that one goal, you would still be well on your way to your Oola Life.

I use the Infused7 Kit throughout this step to help me think through my plan, recognize where I’ve fallen short in the past (and forgive myself for it), and continue forward to my Oola life story of wellness, purpose, and abundance.

Once you have all your goals written out and you know how you are planning to cultivate your Oola life, it’s time to implement the consistency principle in Step 3.

Step 3: Your Oola Path.

Here is where the rubber of my morning routine and my Oola affirmations with the Infused7 oil blends hits the road. My Oola Path is the daily tasks I complete that bring me closer to my Oola goals from Step 2.

I’ve used a few different methods for cultivating my Oola Path. The Oola guys use notecards. They put a line down the middle of the notecard, and on one side they write “Skittles,” and on the other they write “Oranges.” Skittles are the daily, necessary tasks that have to be done, such as laundry, cleaning the house, or going to the grocery store. Oranges are tasks that you do that will help you achieve your goals for your Oola life. These might be tasks like “Run 3 miles,” “Write a blog,” or “Go on a date with my spouse.”

I love notecards, and I used this method for a long time, but I’ve found that another option works better for me. I set up a specific schedule for my work days that includes time for my “oranges” and my “skittles.” For me it looks like this:

6AM Get up, Take supplements (Fitness Goal)

-Morning Routine (SAVERS)—including Affirmations with the Oola Oils

Run at the gym (Fitness Goal)

10AM-2PM Work Time (Daily Blog Posts, Videos, Contacts) (Field Goals)

2PM-3PM Personal Development Activity (Coaching Call, Podcasts, Training Videos, Reading) (Field, Faith Goals)

4PM-5PM Writing (Field, Faith, and Fun Goals)

To help support my “oranges,” I took a Saturday afternoon to plan out my blog post titles, video titles, and create my notecard system for contacts to make to help grow my business.

Then, I also set up “non-negotiables” in my week. Wednesday Nights are always date nights with my fella. Sundays are always free for Family days. I always do a long run on Sunday mornings. I’m done working by 5 PM every single day no matter what. Also, my daily schedule is non-negotiable.

These non-negotiables are like my priorities. Since spending quality time with our family members is part of my Oola Life, I don’t schedule a work event on a Sunday because that is my Family day. Since building an exceptional relationship with Michael is part of my Oola Life, I don’t schedule a class or other event on a Wednesday night because that is our date night. Since my daily schedule is non-negotiable, I must turn down any plans that interfere with it.

I keep track of how I’m doing with sticking to my schedule on my calendar and in my blog planner. I even hired a life coach to help me stay on track with my schedule and keep me accountable for pursuing my Oola Life of Wellness, Purpose and Abundance.

Every single day, I work hard to follow my schedule, completing the Oranges tasks at their designated times and the Skittles tasks after the word day is done.

In my Oola Path, I love to also use the Oola Grow and Oola Balance oils. I like to smell the Oola Grow oil before I start my work day because I’m working to grow in my Field. I like to smell the Oola Balance oil before I go on a date with my love because it helps me remember that a story of wellness, purpose, and abundance requires balance between the hustle and the sitting in gratitude so that I can truly enjoy the goodness in my life.

Why I Invested in the Infused7 OIls Kit--and I'm so glad I did. Oola Balance.jpg

The success of personal Oola journey has so much to do with my mindset. I use the Infused7 Oils to consistently remind myself that even though I don’t have the exact life I want now—the amazing Oola life that I visualize—I live Oola in so many ways every single day. I don’t have to wait to live and love my story of wellness, purpose, and abundance until I get to some idealistic view of my future self. I identify my Oola right now.

My Oola is in the fact that I have the time and space and resources to build my own business.

My Oola is in taking my dog for a walk and throwing the ball for him.

My Oola is in going out to dinner with my love.

My Oola is in holding my baby nephew.

My Oola is in making travel plans and getting excited about seeing something new.

I live Oola in the small ways every single day. I just have to recognize it.

I am Grateful for this Oola Life, and my Infused 7 oils remind me every day of all I have to be grateful for.

If you’re ready to live Oola—to create your own story of Wellness, Purpose and Abundance—I encourage you to follow one of two paths to get started:

1. Purchase your Young Living Premium Starter Kit with Oils by clicking the button below. I’ll send you my eBook, “30+ Ways to Use Your Young Living Starter Kit,” which will help you start learning to use those starter kit oils to promote wellness. We will then work together as I coach you in your wellness journey. Then, sign up for the Essential Rewards Program and purchase the Infused7 Kit for your monthly order (which you can change the following month to get your Ningxia Red and your Thieves Household Cleaner). This will launch you on your journey to wellness, and we will work together to help you stick to your dreams of creating a story of wellness, purpose, and abundance.

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Whichever path you choose, I’ll be your coach every step of the way. Let’s live our Oola.