What Are Your 5-Year Goals?

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It’s funny how things just kind of align sometimes…

When I sat down in November of this year to re-evaluate my goals for my wellness, goals for my purpose in life, and goals for building my abundant life.

I thought about what my ideal, abundant life would look like in specifics and I used the Oola process (Click here) to make a plan for how I would get there.

I began by thinking through my goals in my Field (or career) and my Finances. I identified that I would feel truly free financially if I made $10,000 per month from 20 hours or less of work. Then, I looked at the Young Living income disclosure statement and identified that the rank I would need to reach in Young Living in order to make that amount of money per month is Platinum Rank.

I then looked at how many months it took for current Platinum Young Living leaders to reach that rank on average. The average time it took for a Platinum member to reach Platinum is approximately 5 years.

5 years became my timeline, and I began to set goals for reaching that Platinum rank in my Young Living business.

Then, on November 7th, 2018, Young Living published a new video on YouTube titled, “The Young Living 5x5 Pledge.”

I watched the short video in awe. It felt like one of those crazy “God” moments or something. It felt like the stars were aligning. I felt like someone or something was telling me that my 5-year plan is perfectly ordained.

Here’s what the 5x5 Pledge entails:

5 times more people empowered by the Young Living Foundation

The Young Living Foundation funds projects that seek to empower individuals through offering a hand UP rather than a hand out.

This is the mission of the foundation:

The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation is committed to empowering individuals to achieve their potential and defy limitations by providing wellness and education opportunities to underserved communities.
We envision a world where children are provided with the resources and opportunities necessary to become confident, self-reliant leaders who can take control of their own health, provide for their families, and positively change their community.
Since Young Living Founder and Chairman of the Board D. Gary Young started the Foundation in 2009, we’ve been focused on giving those who receive far too little attention the tools and resources they need to unlock possibilities. Our mission and vision serve as our compass for providing long-term solutions.

So part of the 5x5 Pledge is that the Young Living Foundation will empower 5-times more people.

I for one am so impressed that this is the very first piece of the pledge. The YL 5x5 Pledge seeks to bless others FIRST, and that is a major reason why I align with the company so completely. If the only purpose of my building a business was to make an income, I would quit after a few weeks. It isn’t easy to build a business, especially not if you’re entirely income driven. But with a passion for blessing the lives of other people, my work never has to feel like work. That’s why I can write 5 blog posts a week about essential oils. That’s why I can constantly and consistently reach out to people and build relationships: because I know that these products offer a true BLESSING to every single person out there because they have truly blessed me. When my focus is on how I can help other people, I’m never “working.” I also find it difficult to ever truly sink or stick in discouragement…because as long as I’m offering people the chance to come and see what this oily life is all about, I’m offering a blessing, and I can’t get discouraged about that! It makes me feel like my business is pretty darn purposeful and meaningful and empowering.

5 years to zero waste

If you have read any of my posts about Homesteading in the Tips for Abundant Living section of my blog, you know that this is a subject that is close to my heart.

I love so so much that this is part of the 5x5 Pledge—that the company I trust to support my own personal wellness journey is doing its part to support the wellness of our Earth. In 5 years, I will be a Platinum leader with Young Living, and the company I love and trust (and that funds the life of my dreams) will operate with zero waste. How legit is that?!

5 or more corporate owned or partner farms developed each year

The farms are where the magic happens. Without the plants grown on the farms, we would have no therapeutic grade essential oils, and I would have no transformation story with oils in my own personal wellness journey. Adding at least 5 new farms to Young Living’s production each year means it is planning for a massive increase in the volume and number of products Young Living sells. That means more opportunities for wellness support and more transformation stories.

The first tenant in Young Living is Wellness—the same as my first tenant in my business as a Life Story Coach (that’s where I got it from!). This massive increase in the number of farms producing the plants that are distilled for essential oils and essential oil products means a massive increase in that wellness support. And of COURSE I can get on board with that.

5 or more new markets opened each year

The company is already global, but there are still countries where essential oils and holistic health and wellness options do not yet exist. This piece of the pledge is not just about increasing the market for sales for the company. It is about providing the option to people who wouldn’t otherwise have it.

I believe there is so much power in providing that option. That’s why I contact people about Young Living even if I’m not sure they will want to join me on this Wellness journey. If I don’t tell the about it, they don’t recognize that the option is available to them, and I would HATE to be the reason someone didn’t know that oils was an option for their wellness journey. It’s my job to share. It’s my job to bless other people with education. It isn’t my job to make them join me…I can only hope that they will see the value in it as I do. These additional markets will only increase those options for people around the world. Love it.

5 million additional households reached in 5 years

And the same goes for the final piece of the 5x5 Pledge. 5 million additional households reached are 5 million additional households BLESSED by Young Living and its commitment to wellness, purpose, and abundance. I hope and plan to play a part in that increase as I share Young Living with everyone I know. I know many of you will see the blessings I’m offering, and I know that many of you will have your own transformation stories through this company.

I want so badly to be front-row-center for that story with you. I want so badly to coach you on this journey as others have coached me.

The Young Living 5x5 Pledge and my 5-year Goals are a perfect match.

What are your 5-year goals, and how I can help bless you on your journey?

I have a few ideas on how we can get started.

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I want nothing more than to bless your life as mine has been blessed by others and by this company, which is committing just as I am to blessing the lives of people over the next 5 years in 5 unique ways.

How can I bless you today?