Oils in my Bag for Holiday Health

If you’re an oil-loving person like me, you know how necessary oils are during the busiest, coldest, most stressful times of year.  

During the holiday season, there are a few oils and Young Living supplements I can’t function without, and I make sure I have them with me or in my system at all times.


DiGize & Peppermint

Oils in my bag for Holiday Health -DiGize Blend.png

Those of you who know my oils story know I used to struggle with digestive discomforts...ok, more like digestive EXPLOSIONS that were not only uncomfortable and difficult to control but also embarrassing as heck.

While my digestion is still far from perfect (I wouldn’t even call it completely regular because I have years of havoc to heal from and soothe), the oily combo that makes a huge difference for my digestion during the holidays (especially if I’m traveling) is DiGize and Peppermint. My favorite way to use these oils is to put a couple drops in my hand and rub it right over my abdomen. I use DiGize first and then put Peppermint over top.

This oil combination is so helpful for me during the food-filled days. I often put it on before and after meals and anytime I start to feel a little too full, a little too uneasy, or just to prevent those issues altogether.



I take Multigreens every morning. This is the first holiday season I’ve had Multigreens, and I can tell that I feel more vibrant when I take it regularly. If you’re like me, most of the food you consume during the holidays is either lacking in nutrients or so dense that your body probably has difficulty digesting and using the nutrients from your meals.

When I take Multigreens, I know that I’m consuming many of the nutrients I need throughout the day to support my digestion and my body’s use of vitamins and minerals. I know my body is absorbing the greens and putting it all to good use.


Stress Away and Lavender

Oils in my bag for Holiday Health - Stress Away.png

Something I always tended to forget about, or at least not really consider, during the holidays was the quality of my sleep. It’s likely that holiday get-togethers will keep you out late, up early, or in some other way disrupt your typical sleep schedule this time of year.  

I made it a point this season to find an oil blend that helps me relax and turn my mind off for sleep. The blend in my diffuser (which sits on my bedside table at night—every night) is Stress Away and Lavender. I just do 2 drops of each in distilled water and I have my diffuser running on an interval setting so the oils are diffusing into the air all night long.



Another super vital part of my health and wellness that I tend to forget all about during the holidays? Hydration. Shmeh.

If I’m drinking liquids this time of year it’s likely that it’s not just water in my glass...But if I don’t get enough water in my system, I have all sorts of other issues: headaches, stomach upsets, fatigue, irritability. Nothing I want to deal with during the holidays.

So during the months of November and December especially, I have to make a conscious effort to drink water consistently. My favorite way to encourage my water intake (and get a little extra energy boost in the process) is to add a couple drops of Lemon to my water bottle.

I carry Lemon Vitality Essential Oil with me in my little oil bag that stays in my purse. That way I can fill up my water bottle and just add 1-2 drops of Lemon to it. The lemon makes the water taste better and doing that extra step of adding the oil helps me remember to drink it throughout the hour or two after I fill it up.


Oils for Emotional Support

I wish it wasn’t so, but holidays quite often equal emotional stress. I know that stress quite often causes issues with my digestion, as you read in my blog earlier this month “Let’s Talk About Something Crappy...Digestive Health!” So oils I can’t leave home without this time of year include oils for emotional support.

Here are my favorites right now:  

Sacred Mountain: This blend contains oils from trees like Cypress and the Ylang Ylang flower. It has a very woodsy aroma that always helps me feel calm and secure (read more about why nature has such a calming effect on me in my National Parks Adventures blogs).

Oils in my Bag for Holiday Health - Infused7.jpg

Infused7 Kit: I’ll talk a ton more about this at a later date, but the Infused7 Kit is one of the most vital aspects of my daily routine, and I find them especially helpful this time of year. I have a tendency to lack a feeling of connection to myself when I’m stressed, so I use the Infused7 Kit every morning with positive affirmations to keep myself feeling assured, connected, and positive during the stressful times of year.

Higher Unity: This is a special oil blend that is only available for members on Essential Rewards who order 400PV in November. It is indeed so special. I began diffusing it as soon as it arrived, and it is one of my favorites now. I love how smelling the blend makes me feel positive and excited for the days and events to come. I don’t dread the holidays with the positive outlook I can keep with Higher Unity blend in my diffuser (more about that in a blog later this week!)


There are so many reasons for overwhelm and stress and unhealthy habits to overtake us this time of year. I’ll admit that this is the first year I haven’t allowed the ease of giving in to the “just start over in January” mentality hasn’t been my adopted mindset. It’s difficult to stay on track and not give in when we are engaging in the “non-routines” of holiday gatherings, travel, and events.

But the holidays don’t have to obliterate the health and hard work we’ve put in to building lives and stories of wellness, purpose, and abundance. Try out some of the oils and supplements listed above, and let me know what works for you this holiday season. Remember: there is no such thing as a quick fix. Finding wellness, purpose, and abundance takes time.  

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