My DIY Hair Detangling Spray Recipe (That Actually Works!)

My hair is quite often my nemesis. I like to wear my hair long, but so often that length causes me issues. Tangled, messy, rats nest kind of issues.

I used to coat my hair in chemical-heavy conditioners in attempt to tame the tangled beast, and it worked. But I was putting so much conditioner on my hair…I’m talking handfuls…and all of those coal-byproducts, parabens, carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and neurotoxins were effing with my body.

When I made the commitment to go chemical free in my lifestyle, I started with my cleaning products and moved from there to my personal care products. I ditched and switched my makeup and my body wash, even my face wash and lotion. But I couldn’t let go of my conditioner (Tresemme was my brand of choice) until I found something that could help me get through my tangled hair without ripping it all out.

When I finally switched to the chemical free shampoo and conditioner, it took my hair a while to adjust. I had gooped chemical after chemical on it for years, so I understand why it took so long to even out, but I was in desperate need of a hair detangling spray to help me get through my tangles.

I looked at a bunch of ideas and recipes for hair detangling spray, but I either didn’t have all the oils each recipe called for or I didn’t have things like witch hazel in the house, so I took bits and pieces of all the recipes I found and made my own spray recipe.

Once I had my bottle ready, I just sprayed a few pumps into my hair where it was tangled, and I was able to comb through it so much easier.

Here is what I used!

My DIY Hair Detangling Spray Recipe (That Actually Works!)

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