I Dedicated 30 Days to Habit Formation: Day 30

I just wrapped up a conscious, intentional, habitual 30 days. As you know, I committed to spending 30 days intentionally forming positive habits that would help me build the life I want to live and reach my personal goals.

Back at Day 15, I was going pretty well with a good chunk of my intended habits: Morning routine, training program, contacting people about Young Living to grow my business, and daily personal development. Some of the habits that weren’t coming on as smoothly were: drinking 3L of water a day, writing for 30 minutes a day, doing product research and Facebook Live videos, doing Yoga daily, and engaging on social media daily.

Now, at the end of 30 days, here’s how I’m doing with my intended daily habits:

My morning routine is still going strong. I now (amazingly!) enjoy getting up early and having an hour to myself to journal, say positive affirmations, and meditate. I also read for about 5-10 minutes and I started doing pushups and planks to round out my morning routine. I’ve found that I like this order of activities best: Positive affirmations (with the Oola Infused7 Oils! More on that in a blog next week), Journaling, Meditation, Reading, and Exercise. I diffuse my favorite Sacred Mountain blend throughout my morning routine, and I do all of my routine from a chair in my home office (or on my yoga mat in my office).

My training program is also still going fairly strong. I completed my half marathon race about half way through my 30 days of habit formation, and I’ve been able to keep up with my running routine fairly consistently. I am now putting a plan in plan in place to build to marathon distance in the next few months. I’m still also doing well contacting people regularly about Young Living and engaging in daily personal development. My most recent personal development book love is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I listen to the eBook while I run.

I’m still working on drinking plenty of water per day. My alarm plan didn’t work as well as I hoped it would, but I found more success from leaving a glass out on the counter and every time I went into the kitchen, I would fill it up and drink it. That has helped me stay more consistent with it.

Now, for many of the rest of my intended habits I have a really good plan in place. But I’ve had a difficult time retaining the mindset I need to form those consistent habits. I kept getting into a cycle of one great day followed by one or two really bad days. That’s not a recipe for success. I quite often felt overwhelmed and paralyzed like I just couldn’t make myself do the things I said I wanted to do because there was too much or I would let my negative thoughts sabotage my progress. (I’m a self-sabotaging pro...)

So I decided I needed someone to help me keep my mindset positive and consistent. I hired a life coach. I haven’t even had my first session yet, but just through the simple act of hiring Beth, I am already working more consistently, writing more consistently, and staying out of that paralysis syndrome. The act of hiring a coach has helped me continue to stay more consistently out of overwhelm...it also helps that she had me write this down: “Kathrin, Stay Out of Overwhelm!” :)

Even more than the successful goals I met and the way the last 30 days has helped me discover what it is I truly want and need, completing 30 days of habit formation has made me truly grateful for this life I get to lead and appreciative that I’m in a position to enact positive change in my own life.

Maybe it’s this time of year that is helping me feel more grateful, but I think the act of committing to 30 days of personal development—30 days of doing the things I wanted and needed to do to become the person I want and need to be—instilled a sense of self-awareness, self-love, and gratitude in me that I didn’t have before.

I’ve given up on myself so many times over the years. I’ve always had big goals, ideas, and dreams for my life, but I always lacked the follow through. More to the point, I lacked the personal development. I had not yet realized how necessary it was to become the person I needed to be in order to live the life I want to live...and the only way to become that person is to work on personal development.

Spending 30 days in the act of habit formation has helped me develop as a person, as a business owner, and as a writer. Where fear and overwhelm have paralyzed me for so long, making a conscious, INTENTIONAL effort for a set period of time helped me put my own systems in place to get out of overwhelm and use my fear to fuel my passion.

Like Elizabeth Gilbert says, I no longer reject fear. I don’t seek to be fearless. Only sociopaths are truly fearless. Instead, I accept fear as ever-present, but I don’t give it any authority to make decisions for me.

 I’m becoming the person I want to be, setting a mindset of gratitude and abundance at the start of every day, and living my best life.


Are you ready to start on your journey to wellness, purpose, and abundance?