I’m K, and I’m Your Freedom Coach…

I coach my friends as they seek sustainably joyful, healthy lives of TRUE Freedom.

It is my job—my mission, my purpose in life—to help everyone I meet live their own unique lives on their own terms. My vision for you is that you will be inspired to courageously subvert the narratives and stories that crush you and keep you from living into your true self and your true story—Your True FREEDOM.

This is my ultimate purpose: to help each and every person I meet to create and cultivate their freedom stories.

I am living and stumbling toward my own story of freedom by continually subverting the narratives that seek to crush me, and I have the pleasure of sharing that imperfect story with YOU.

Get Your Freedom On.

I’ve got tools to help you do just that.

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In my own Freedom story, I’ve identified what I like to call “Freedom Phases”: different phases or areas of life that require hard work and focussed attention as I’m creating my life of True, Sustainable Freedom on my own terms.

Here they are:

The “Get YOU Free” Phase

Read my “You Get Free” blogs to learn how to live a life of holistic and preventative health.

Get your HEALTH Freedom on with chemical free products and learn how to create a foundation and plan for creating true Freedom in your physical body and your mental health.

The “Boss Freedom” Phase

This phase is all about Purpose. In this phase, I focus on discovering and living into my purpose and then figuring out ways to monetize that purpose so I can do the things I was meant to do while being FREE to live the life I’ve always wanted.

If you’ve ever considered freelancing or starting your own business, this phase is all about you.

The “Yo’ Crew” Freedom Phase

This phase is about cultivating relationships that fuel your freedom rather than draining it.

If you need to learn how to set boundaries in your life or how to say “No” to the things that crush you because you’re a recovering people pleaser (me too, darlin…), this is the the phase for you to focus on.

The Forever Free Phase

This phase is all about the sustainable freedom lifestyle you are working so hard to create. This is where all the planning and thinking and analyzing really hits the pavement.

It’s where you get your groove thang on and live into your life of freedom with increasing awesomeness each and every day.

In these blogs, I share as much about my personal journey toward freedom. Notice I didn’t say “TO” freedom…It isn’t something you GET to and then can just stop searching for. Freedom is something you move continually toward. Check out my story as you head out on your own journey.


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Get Your Freedom On.

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